This is the new set of rules to live by:
 Please remember that SAS and Admin are all unpaid volunteers that give their own leisure time to assisting you all in your enjoyment of the  Mod. Without them we would not be able to operate the mod at all. This 
alone means they should be consistently treated with respect.
1. Respect for all other players, SAS and Admin’s is the highest law 
in the Universe.
• No insulting of players will take place in either system chat,  Private chat or on the Forums. This includes: swearing, racial slurs, harassment, Posting of offensive material on the forums and offensive 
language (No matter what language it is in).


• Advertising for other Servers is not allowed in game or on the forum.
• Racial slurs WILL NOT be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban from the server and forums. All other offenses will result in a three day stay in Hell for all characters. If this is broken (i.e. 
creating a new character or using another account to get around it) it will result in a 1 week ban. Lengths of punishments are at the discretion of admin and judged on the severity of the offence.

2. No begging for money from other players or SAS, or asking to be 
 moved to a base by SAS.

• Anyone doing this will be moved as requested but to spend 1 Day in  the Brig (All Characters at Hell) instead of the requested destination.
3. New players to the server are afforded a level 65 cap. This means they are not to be fired at until they reach the proper level or 2 days of play time.
• We do this so we can welcome new players to the server instead of blowing them out of the sky.
• From time to time player’s will spend time helping new players if they say that this is what they are doing please do not fire on them until they are available to defend themselves.
4. 10 Min Rule: The 10 min rule is there to stop tempers flaring from being killed over and over again. This applies to traders and non combatants (People who do not want to fight).
• If you kill them, you are required to give them a 10min head start or leave them to their own devices.
• In PVP, if someone Disengages or Surrenders IE (In system chat declares, disengaging or Surrendering) they fall under this rule as well but they must leave the current 
system they are in or dock for 10min.

5. Respect people who enjoy RP. This means, if a clan or player is trying to RP a certain faction or their clan personas go along with it for fun. We know a lot of people like RP and a lot don't like RP. We are here to have fun (For instance, let's say the Borg Clan is on a rampage.All they have to say is their intro line Resistance is Futile, we will add your biological and technological likeness to our own. Lower your shields and prepare to be assimilated: and that is all they have to say). This is more for fun than an actual rule but it falls under the mutual respect part of the rules.
6. Game Nexus: This is a NO PVP area. Even though PVP is turned off there will be no firing of weapons while in this zone.
• The first offense involves a /kill on the offending pilot.

7. Anyone who gets stuck in an asteroid field can now use the /suicide command, your ship will be destroyed and sent back to the last base they docked at. If your unable to get the command to work or you havespecial ship parts on board you may asks for help from the SAS or other players to off load your cargo.
If a SAS collects the ship parts for you they will only be able to  move to the edge of the asteroid field, after the SAS has destroyed your ship you will have to return in order to recover your cargo.
8. Exploiting bugs or limitations of the game engine is expressively prohibited.
• Those found guilty of using exploits as a means to gain an advantage over other players will be subject to punitive measures to include Hell, deletion of characters, and/or ban.
• This includes the use of Engines to increase the cruise speed over 900kph • Those who know of lag producing items and use them to crash the server will get a ban too.
•Never mount Power plants on Capitals (This includes Battleships -Gunboats) and Freighters. Only fighters. It can cause crashes.If you do so we have to delete your character. 
9. Please use only a 2 ID maximum on the server.
• This means you may only have 2 accounts of 5 player characters

• Playing with more than 1 Account at the same time is not allowed and will result in a 2 week ban for all accounts (This does not include moving equipment between two accounts which is allowed but do not keep the account logged in while you play).
10. Ships marked [Store] will not be shot at or engaged in any way.
• This also means: Your store ship will either be in your clan system or in Game Nexus. If you move it between these areas please inform the SAS that you are doing so. This will prevent any mistakes and misjudgements by players and the admin's. DO NOT use a STORE ship as a Trader except to get your desired vessel to be used as a store.
11. Common Sense: Do not have your ships within 30k of a jump hole unless you’re jumping through it. We understand floating near a station to socialize but do not engage ships coming out of the station unless they are 20k from the station and you are 30k from the station. Also firing weapons near a base to cause the base to start firing at other players will result in a /Kill on the offending player.
12. Reports of rule breaking in game will only be investigated or punished if supported by screenshot or witnessed by SAS or Admin.This is to ensure that arguments about rule breaking are kept to a minimum.

Becomming an Official Clan on NSU (this goes for activating new or reactivating old clans): 


1. On the forum request to become an official clan by posting in the forum under Clan Zone, Clan Status Requests section. 


2. Come up with a name for your clan and Tags and request to have the tags added to your members.


3. First month you must have 4 -5 active members on the server. Once completed your clan will be given a clan section on the forum. 


4. Clan reps and systems: After the First month you will be able to request a system and rep. This will be given at next update, unless it already exists it will be given after an additional 2 weeks.



Clan Rules:

1. A clan consist of 5 or more separate players (Not different accounts of the same player), if you fall below this you will lose clan status on both the forums and in game. Clan tags must be used on all clan ships and all tags should match between members
2. when a clan takes on a faction or has their own Clan Faction they are to stick to that faction's alignment (i.e. Good, Neutral, and Evil).This gives some sense of RP and it is fun to do.

3: Treaties and Alliances: Clans that either have a NAP or an Alliance must state that in this forum so that everyone can view it + if one of the clans is engaged in a war with another that means the Ally is now at war with your target. If both of the Allied clans agree they can be giving a neutral rep to the clan faction if they have one. This can go as far as sharing ships and equipment if both parties agree. (This is a trial basis and may only be around for a short time).

4. Clan Systems: There are a limited number of clan factions so when they are full you can choose what faction in game you want to follow.There are a few that are not allowed: Administrator and Nightstalker Battle group + any that are connected to a clan faction (i.e.Blood-Legion has a clan faction but there is an NPC faction that was in place before there were clan systems).

5.If you enter the home system of a clan you are not a member of you will most likely be considered an invader and attacked by the clan therefore you must not enter the system using a cloak and must leave immediately if asked to do so by a clan member.

This is just the initial phase; I will put up a section for Rule Q&A.